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Bespoke mixer solution for investment casting specialists

Paddle Blade Mixers

John R Boone have developed a bespoke mixer solution for investment casting specialists Clan Ceramics for their global ceramic core process and material supply business, including high-temperature, multi-stage mixing with vacuum processing.

In such a technical arena, the choice of machinery is critical. Clan needed a partner with whom they could work, and whom they could trust to supply equipment to fit their production lines globally.

JR Boone produced a horizontal paddle blade mixer (HPBM) for Clan. The mixing process is complex, forming a paste at high temperature (140ºC) over a number of stages, finally de aerating and discharging under vacuum to make sure that a homogenous, bubble-free ceramic material is produced for the casting process.

JR Boone produced a variation on their standard HPBM, incorporating an insulated jacket, heating system and a vacuum pump for the final part of the process.

John Morris, Clan’s Technical Director, said: ‘The amount of testing we were able to do with JR Boone helped tremendously. We have been able to reduce mixing time by 25%, for example. We also found that the profile of the Boone paddles means that, despite the very abrasive materials we use, they wear far less than other mixers we have tried; improving product quality and ultimately reducing cost.’

The Control System was designed specifically for Clan, with temperature, speed and time all being selectable and monitored parameters within the easily operated menu system on the HMI. Boone mixers are specified to third party manufacturers, so JR Boone have manufactured them to be as far as possible ‘plug and play’, easily installed and operated so that operators worldwide can produce the very high quality ceramic cores that have rightly built Clan Ceramics’ reputation.

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