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BULK STORAGE AND HANDLINGDesign and building of bulk storage, handling and process plants

Croston Engineering has over 34 years experience in the design and building of bulk storage, handling and process plants covering a wide range of powdered and granular materials in various industries throughout the UK and Ireland.

The Company is particularly well known in the foods, animal and pet feed, grain, chemical and associated industries, in fact wherever there is a need for the handling and processing of materials, ranging from the intake of raw materials through to blending, grinding, pelleting processes and the bulk out loading of finished products.

In addition to providing silos and IBC stations the Company is fully experienced in the design and building of both mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems.

Particular attention is paid, when designing new plants, to the need to meet the requirements of DSEAR/ATEX Explosion Regulations where applicable, and incorporating the same features when modifying or extending existing systems.

For more information contact;

Croston Engineering Ltd, Tarvin, Chester.
Tel: 01829 741 119 Fax: 01829 741 169

E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.croston-engineering.co.uk


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