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Materials handling specialist, Demag Cranes & Components Ltd, has supplied four crane systems to Composite Metal Flooring Ltd (CMF), as part of the development of a new production facility.
The Monmouthshire based company manufactures metal floor decking products and associated metal flashings, under the MetFloor® brand name, for use in the fast track construction industry. The development of the new factory was prompted by the need to secure the supply chain for sister companies within the Studwelders’ group. The company has also won a significant contract for the supply of metal floor decking for a major retail and residential building project at Stratford City, part of the redevelopment associated with the 2012 London Olympics.

CMF’s 30,000 sq ft production facility is co-located with 8,500 sq ft of office space. The factory comprises three independent, automated, CNC controlled production lines, which are dedicated to the manufacture of different floor deck profiles. The manufacturing process involves loading coils of galvanised steel, weighing up to 8 tonnes, onto de-coilers. The steel is then fed through a cold roll forming machine and guillotined to length, before being stamped with component details and bundled into batches for despatch.

To meet the specific materials handling requirements of the production process, Demag supplied four single girder cranes, all of which have a span of 19 m and are rated at 10 tonnes SWL. The cranes feature anti collision protection, cross travel and long travel limits and are operated by radio remote control. Demag DR PRO wire rope hoists are mounted on all four of the crane girders. The cranes have a long travel speed of 40/10 m per minute, a cross travel speed of 5/30 m per minute and a lifting speed of 5/0.8 m per minute.

With a projected output of over 750,000 sq m of metal decking per year, performance and reliability were important factors in CMF’s decision to specify Demag materials handling systems.
Operations Director, Stephen Haines, stated:
“All of our decking profiles are manufactured to order and the nature of our business means that we are working to tight lead times. Any interruption to the manufacturing process, as a result of equipment failure, would severely compromise our business and for that reason, we were influenced by Demag’s reputation for reliability. In today’s economic climate Demag’s competitive price was also a factor, which helped us reach our decision.”

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