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COMPACT REACTION STATION FOR VISCOUS MIXTURESViscous reaction mixtures often require more powerful stirring than can be achieved with magnetic stirrers. The Vortex stirrer system from Asynts popular DrySyn range converts a single overhead stirrer into a powerful 3 position parallel stirrer combined with a multiple heating block.

The combination of Vortex stirring and DrySyn heating provides efficient stirring while retaining all the DrySyn benefits – improved safety, rapid heat transfer and space saving. Used with a standard laboratory hotplate, the unit becomes a very compact, small footprint reaction station capable of running up to 3 parallel reactions in conventional round-bottomed flasks – no special flasks are needed.

A recent independent evaluation at the University of Huddersfield reported that: “.the Vortex system constitutes a useful addition for any laboratory conducting parallel synthesis, minimising both the necessary laboratory footprint required and reducing the cost significantly by replacing three overhead stirrers with one. Overhead stirring has the additional benefit that the grinding effects that can occur with magnetic stirrers on solids, especially crystals, are largely eliminated.

The Vortex system operates with any overhead stirrer to give simultaneous, directly driven stirring for up to three standard 100ml, 250ml or 500ml round-bottomed flasks. The very popular DrySyn range of laboratory heating and cooling blocks provides efficient, safe temperature control for reaction flasks from 50ml to 5000ml. Over 20,000 have been supplied world wide in just three years.

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