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Contamination Free Filling & Emptying – Drum Containment System for Solids & Liquids

DEC offers contamination free filling and emptying via the Drum Containment System (DCS). DEC strives for powder handling excellence and is one of the pioneers in containment. With more than 700 sold units DEC’s solution DCS is the preferred choice for many organisations in the challenging environment for containment with upmost focus on safety and reliability.

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Dryer discharge with DCS Filling Station for big bags and drums, precision +/- 100 g

The DCS is a cylindrical glove box constructed of AISI type 316L electro polished stainless steel with  a  glass  cover  and  two  glove  ports.  It  has  been  designed  to  provide  safe  handling  of active ingredients.

Benefits in a nutshell:

  • Optimal product, operator and environment protection
  • Full visibility inside the system
  • High degree of flexibility (drum height and diameters)
  • No need to wear gloves during the filling/emptying process
  • Mobile, compact, ergonomic
  • Easy to clean (CIP)
  • Adequate for corrosive materials
  • GMP compliant
  • Cost – efficient

The  DCS  can  be  installed  directly  under  the  equipment  to  be  discharged  or  where  several items of equipment are to be emptied through one single station. If headroom is limited filling can  still  be  carried  out  by  combining  the Powder  Transfer  System (PTS).  Safety  being paramount the DCS offers contamination free filling of drums and big bags via the DCS glove box  allowing  the  operator  to  open  double  liners  in  a  sealed  environment.   (Reached containment: < 1µg/m3).

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DCS Drum Discharging Station combined with PTS for pneumatic reactor feeding


DCS Drum Containment System Dec Homepage 7

Big Bag discharging with DCS head and weighing option

Featuring the same benefits the DCS also ensures contamination free emptying of drums. The  DCS  is  fully  mobile  and  again,  its  flexibility  allows  it  to work  with  a  multitude  of  different drum sizes. Working in combination with the PTS the free moving suction lance and excellent visibility ensure residue free emptying of the drum. The system also offers partial emptying and is available with a platform for     smaller drums, if required.

Optionnally, both systems filling and discharging are available with load cell features to provide accurate dosing, sampling features and for inert operation. For  contained  emptying  of  big  bags,  DEC  provides  big  bag discharge  stations  supplied  with a DCS  head  guaranteeing both primary and secondary containment.

Handling of toxic and corrosive liquids

DCS  Liquid – The  safe  and  contained  emptying  and  filling  of  drums  is  now  possible without additional precautions, such as full protective clothing or large Laminar Airflow booths.

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DCS LIquid for different drum sizes, special double lance version DCS Liquid System for drum discharging with corrosive and toxic liquids

The  DCS  Drum  Containment  Systems  provide  a  significantly  more  flexible,  precise  and economical  way  of  handling  drums  and  big  bags  compared  with  conventional  isolation systems.

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