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Couplings For Mechanical Power Transmission

jbj couplings

High quality mechanical and fluid power products are always available straight from the comprehensively stocked warehouse, but, if you need more, be it the smallest drive component through to complex drive line component packages, then speak to the experienced sales team who will provide a solution based upon your application requirements. Quick delivery times even for bespoke mechanical power transmission couplings due to the comprehensive in-house machining facilities.

The range of couplings from jbj Techniques Limited

» Jaw couplings / spider / Spidex® / torsionally flexible.
» Gear couplings / steel gear hubs, nylon drive sleeve / Dentex® / torsionally rigid.
» All steel gear couplings / steel gear hubs steel drive sleeve / Hercuflex® / torsionally rigid.
» JXL couplings / anti-static / flameproof / pin and bush / torsionally resilient / ATEX certificated.
» Grid couplings / torsionally flexible.
» Torsional couplings / dampen torsional vibrations.
» S-flex couplings / dampen vibration and control shock / torsionally soft.
» Disc couplings / high endurance to fatigue, and resistance to most environmental conditions / ATEX certificated.
» Tyre couplings / torsionally flexible / ATEX certificated.
» Magnetic couplings / power transmission between hermetically separate areas / ATEX certificated.
» Torque limiting couplings / protection from mechanical overload.

There are many transmission components to go with these couplings should you require. Gearboxes, clutches, gear pumps, screw pumps, bellhousings, and more.

» product specification
team of design engineers to assist in design process simple or complex, standard or bespoke.

» prompt product supply
large stocks for next day delivery on many items.

» machine shop
full machining services for bespoke designs.


jbj Techniques Ltd

jbj Techniques integrate extensive product knowledge and specification ability with excellent machine shop services and comprehensive product stocks to provide the service needed to keep your machinery systems performing to the optimum.

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