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Crystal clear TBX Turbine from Pafaudler

The Pfaudler’s new TBX Turbine

Designed with superior low shearing capabilities, Pfaudler’s new TBX Turbine is optimally suited for crystallization processes in the pharmaceutical industry.

Suitable for reactors up to 8,000 litres and specially coated with Pfaudler’s smoother, cleaner, more resistant PharmaGlass (PPG) the TBX Turbine significantly improves the axial mixing effect in the reactor and reduces heating/cooling times, based on improved heat transfer.

Based on Pfaudler’s proven four-blade TBF Turbine, the TBX is most suitable for the upper level of dual-impeller agitating systems.  It features four blades on a single hub, with a 45° angle between blades to facilitate the introduction of the agitator to the reactor and provide easier cleaning than two-hub impellers.

Ideal as a single or multi-step system for producing solid suspensions, Pfaudler’s TBX also offers a simple, low-cost method of installing an eight-blade agitator without making additional modifications to existing two-level agitator shafts. 

For sensitive applications the rpm can be significantly reduced with the TBX’s eight blades, so that the product is treated even more gently.

The mixing of floating solids can be optimally solved because the pumping performance of eight blades (two TBX on top of each other) corresponds to an improvement of around 60% compared to four blades.

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