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CSN840 Pallet™ – New Features for Improved Performance

dimensioning, weighing and identification solution

The CSN840 Pallet™ is the first fully approved dimensioning, weighing and identification solution that can measure pallets of all shapes and surfaces.
Based on input from key customers, METTLER TOLEDO is relaunching this product with even more features than before for optimal performance and revenue recovery.

The underlying motivation for having the weight and dimensions of pallets you send is correct invoicing. The CSN840 Pallet™ is a compete data capture unit that automatically collects dimensions, weight and ID of almost any pallet. The system picks up discrepancies between the actual size of a shipment and the dimensions provided by customers. All features of this product are designed with the aim of maximizing the potential for revenue recovery.

Working closely with key partners, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce new features that will provide customers with even better value.

Extra Large Measuring Capabilities

METTLER TOLEDO now offers an XL version of the CSN840 Pallet™ with the possibility to measure pallets up to 2500 x 2500 x 2600 mm (L x W x H). The standard version measures up to 1830 x 1830 x 2600 mm (L x W x H).

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