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Feed Granular Materials Reliably

Kraus L-Series Vibratory Pan Feeder

The Kraus L-Series Vibratory Pan Feeder provides excellent performance and reliability for feeding almost any granular material from abrasive silica sand to very fine granular powders. Applications include weighing and batching where feed control is essential. It is ideal for feeding coolers, dryers, belt conveyors, bucket elevators, weigh hoppers, continuous process systems, and continuous mixers.

The L-Series Vibratory Pan Feeder can be operated with a variable speed controller or in a fixed rate application. It can be stopped instantly without any dynamic movement as seen with a typical electric vibrating motor. Because it is air operated and requires no motor starters, it is ideal for explosion proof atmospheres. In addition, the L-Series Pan Feeder is low in cost and maintenance. The heavy-duty construction is available in mild steel, abrasion resistant steel or stainless steel. Stainless steel construction is available in polished or mill finish.


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