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Ever stringent cleaning and sterilisation requirements, combined with the increasingly high standard of food and pharmaceutical products has prompted one agitator manufacturer to give its customers the opportunity to become actively involved in the detail design of their machine.

Chemineer, who have over half a century’s experience in agitator design and manufacture, is offering food and pharmaceutical processors unprecedented access to its 3D CAD design tool, enabling its customers to have a virtual model of the mixer. This visual aid means that a design can be easily appraised and then modified pre-production, to give the ultimate bespoke service and optimum results, first time.

“There’s always a mixer out there that can do a bit of mixing for somebody”, said Chemineer’s Sales Manager, Neil Cathie, “But the complexity of today’s applications and expectations for top quality from manufacturers and consumers requires proper expertise and experience to achieve top quality mixing”.

Cathie explained that increasingly specialised designs to meet the food and pharmaceutical industry’s hygienic process applications convinced Chemineer that by offering a hands-on approach to its mixing knowledge, food and pharmaceutical process engineers could explore every angle for enhancing their processes.

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