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Heat Exchanger Sets New Production Record for Chemical Manufacturer

Kenics Heat Exchanger

A Kenics™ heat exchanger, manufactured by NOV, has helped an Ohio-based speciality chemical manufacturer achieve a new production record

The heat exchanger, which includes Kenics’ highly efficient static mixer technology, is operating at a U-value of approximately 140 (btu/hr. ft2F), compared to the previous U-value level of just 15 (maximum).

Kenics static mixers in each heat exchanger tube significantly reduce the build-up of film commonly associated with empty tubes.  Process fluid is continuously pushed from the centre of each tube to the wall and then back to the centre, eliminating thermal gradients and boosting the coefficient inside film.

Easy to install, saving on time and costs, the Kenics heat exchanger is designed to direct fluid flow radially toward the pipe walls and back to the element, regardless of velocity.

Additionally, momentum reversal and flow division also contributes to the high level of mixing efficiency.  All processed material is continuously and completely intermixed to eliminate radial gradients in temperature and material composition.  As a result, Kenics heat exchangers provide predictable, controlled mixing and extremely efficient thermal transfer.

National Oilwell Varco (NOV)
With its headquarters in Houston, TX USA, National Oilwell Varco has over 170 years’ experience as a leading provider of products and services to the international oil and gas industry. It has more than 100 subsidiaries and over 60,000 employees at over 1,000 sites around the world, plus annual revenues in excess of $20 billion.

NOV is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components used in oil and gas drilling and production operations, the provision of oilfield services to the upstream oil and gas industry.

Mixing Technologies

Chemineer™, Kenics™, Prochem™, and Greerco™ are brands of NOV. Since 1952, the brands are at the forefront of fluid agitation equipment and systems providing technical expertise to customers in various industries worldwide. Expertise includes high flow, low shear liquid-liquid and solids blending, gas dispersion, high-shear blending, and viscous mixing. For more information, visit nov.com/mixing.


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