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Lifting and Handling Solutions for Production Environments

Stainless Steel Lifters

Packline Bespoke Slave Pallets

Providing Lifting and Handling Solutions for Todays Production Environments
Packline has been manufacturing materials handling systems since 1993 and with its Compac range of Stainless Steel Lifters has established itself as one of the UK”s leading suppliers of Materials Handling Equipment for the Food, Drinks, Dairy, Pharmaceutical and Medical Processing Industries.

A new addition to Packline’s range of Materials Handling Solutions is the Bespoke Slave Pallet.
There are occasions when a Slave Pallet may be required to raise a standard pallet to gain greater access underneath the pallet for lifter legs.

Packline manufacture these to order to suit all pallet requirements. There are a number of different pallet sizes and shapes to suit all industries, and Packline can help provide a solution for all.

As an alternative to the Slave Pallet, Packline can also provide Lifters with our ‘Rocking Pallet Wheels’  that use two fixed rollers which can pivot to provide a smooth action when pushing over the lower bar of a perimeter pallet.

Contact us here at Packline Materials Handling on 01202 332017, www.packline.co.uk, E-mail: [email protected]packline.co.uk.

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