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Merck Millipore Announces Launch of Mobius 1000L Single-use Mixing and Powder Delivery System for Optimized Preparation of Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Solutions

·         Unique powder delivery container minimizes clumping and blockage for optimal flow into the mixer

·         Washdown port functionality allows safe and effective removal of residual powder from the container

·         New single-use mixing containers with zero dead-leg sampling ports ensure sample integrity and fully closed sampling process

Merck Millipore, the Life Science division of Merck KGaA., Darmstadt, Germany, today announced the launch of the Mobius® MIX 1000 and Powder Delivery System for mixing pharmaceutical ingredients and preparing solutions. The 1000 liter system extends the company’s line of Mobius® mixers that includes 100, 200 and 500 liter sizes. The Mobius® MIX 1000 and Powder Delivery System, which utilizes integrated, single-use powder delivery, mixing, and filtration technology, provides biopharmaceutical manufacturers increased operational flexibility and decreases process and validation time and contamination risk.

“The Mobius® MIX 1000 mixer and Powder Delivery System are important additions to our single-use portfolio. We continue to drive innovation in single-use to ensure our customers have the flexibility they need for their manufacturing processes,” notes Paul Chapman, Vice President, Biopharm Process Solutions.

The new single-use powder delivery container features a butterfly valve for controlled addition of solutes to ensure optimal dissolution. Its asymmetric design enhances powder delivery by minimizing clumping and blockage resulting in optimal powder flow, and consistent mixing. The unique washdown ‘spraybar’ in the powder delivery container ensures that residual powder is effectively removed.

The 1000 L single-use mixing container incorporates the same quick-to-start bearingless levitating mixer technology that is the accepted standard within the industry at the 100, 200 and 500 L scales. The stainless steel mixer carrier features double jacket for the sides and the bottom for efficient heat exchange, thermowell for temperature measurement as well as load cells for weight measurement.

Sampling ports integrated into the Mobius® MIX containers provide our customers the following benefits:  closed sampling for maintaining product and sample integrity; zero dead-leg sample port to ensure sample collected is truly representative of the bulk; NovaSeal™ crimper to easily disconnect the sampling container while maintaining sample and product integrity.

For more information, please visit www.millipore.com/Mobius


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