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mobile mixing systems

Joshua Greaves have developed a complete range of mobile mixing systems from 50 to 300 Litres intended for trial purposes on customer’s premises.

The picture above shows a 150 L Bottom Entry System with a fully opening interlock vessel cover to provide unlimited access for charging purposes.  The machine is complimented by the use of a Bottom Entry High Shear Mixer, which can be fitted with general purpose emulsification shear stators, incorporating an advanced shaft sealing system which has dispensed with mechanical shaft seals.  This system is low` maintenance, highly efficient and easy to operate.

The mixer itself is supplied with a built-on electronic variable speed drive with locally mounted controls, complete with a EN954-1 safety system.

For more information about the 150 L and other advanced Greaves mixing systems, contact;

Joshua Greaves & Sons, Bury, Lancs.
Tel: 01706 824191
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.greaves.co.uk

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