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Motionless Mixers and Dispersion Units

Fujikin motionless mixers

Conventional mixers and dispersers are expensive to operate because of their inefficiency. The Fujikin motionless mixers are not only highly efficient as they have no moving parts but can save operating time and have compact, in-line, easy to clean bodies.

Conventionally products are mixed in a stirring type mixer and not until the batch is complete it can be passed to the next process i.e. a filling machine. The Fujikin motionless mixer being in-line can feed directly into the next process without having to wait for a whole batch to be completed thus reducing the process time.

Easy cleaning of the motionless mixer means reduced downtime between batches and reduced risk of product cross contamination.

They can be used not only for liquids but also powders and gasses.

The standard material is 316L stainless steel but they can also be manufactured in Ceramics where abrasion is a major consideration.

Typical applications include heat transfer in blending fluids, crushing, mixing and extracting, dissolving and crushing, absorption, diffusion and humidity conditioning and reactions.

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