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NETZSCH’s LabStar bead mills remove the uncertainty that can surround the move from laboratory to full-scale production in the chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries.

Ensuring accurate scale-up and/or scale-down of the bead milling process has been the main driver in NETZSCH’s development of the LabStar Pilot/Laboratory bead mill. It has the capability of producing results that can be directly scaled to its larger cousins in the NETZSCH range of bead mills.

Configurable as a Zeta peg milling system or as a TriNex disc milling system, LabStar has been designed to replicate all of the possible combinations and applications that are encountered by the full-size production mills. Available in a range of materials, and ATEX certified, there is a configuration to match any production situation that needs to be accurately defined at a pilot scale.
When a new product needs to be introduced to an existing system, or a new process developed for new or existing products, the ease of use and peace of mind that a truly scalable machine, such as the LabStar, can offer eliminates risks and unknown elements for production staff.

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