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New 10-tonne/hour highly automated powder filling system for 25kg bags fits into 40ft container

powder filling system

The new RBF-1000Li (Limited Intervention) powder filling system from GEA Avapac is the next generation highly automated, high performance packing technology for 25kg bags, designed to fit into a standard 40ft shipping container. This means that it can be shipped anywhere in the world quickly and at a fraction of the cost of equipment of comparable performance.

The RBF-1000Li was first developed to accommodate the production requirements of Australian manufacturer Warnambool Cheese and Butter (WC & B) when it needed 10 tonne/hour capacity packing line. At the time, GEA Avapac could only supply fillers with 8 and 12tph outputs so the company took the opportunity to design a totally new machine for the range.

The RBF-1000Li is highly automated – often referred to as ‘lights out packaging’. A key design feature is its use of five filling heads (rather than the usual four) each with a unique pivoting arrangement to keep the footprint of the machine small. The new design also offers complete control of the bags from bag present station to filling station; a de-aeration station for improved bag stability; and automated neck stretching, heat sealing and weight checking. The weight data from the Checkweigher is used to auto-tune the filling weights and maintain the accuracy of the machine.

Other features of the RB1000Li include:

  •     a rotary design that maintains its hold on bags to increase reliability;
  •     the continuous calibration of filling stations;
  •     integrated dust control technologies;
  •     bottom up filling, minimising product damage and dust emission loss;
  •     automatic preparation of bags for sealing;
  •     automatic sealing of inner liners and final closure of all bags;
  •     automatic height adjustment to accommodate variations in bag length;
  •     easy cleaning.

“The RBF-1000Li filler has been developed to meet the needs of customers where a smaller form, with high performance, was a primary factor,” said Sanjeev Khokhar of GEA Avapac in New Zealand. “This machine has the throughput of many larger machines and high Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), a key factor in the purchasing decision for some customers. The smaller footprint allows the machine to be packed into a 40ft container for quick and economical shipping around globe.”

GEA Avapac designs, manufactures and sells high quality powder filling systems for bulk bag and retail containers. Its solutions are ideally suited for food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications.

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