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NEW 3 in 1 Drymeister-H For Grinding, Classifying And Drying In One Compact Unit

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The new 3 in 1 Drymeister-H multiprocessing unit from Hosokawa Micron offers energy efficient and speedy grinding, classifying and drying operations in one compact unit.

The Drymeister-H combines intensive dispersion with high performance classification to deliver stable product quality, particle size and moisture content and is applicable for drying slurries, solutions, wet powder and pasty cake, giving speedy and reliable results.

Compared to traditional spray or rotary dryers, the Drymeister offers energy savings of 50-70%. A fluidised bed of product in the drying chamber in conjunction with a heated drying track ensures a low level of adhesion of undried product.

With options for ceramic faced wear parts and a specially designed screw feeder for cakey material the Drymeister-H has applications across a range of industries with typical uses in the processing of retardants, lithium cobaltite, minerals, foods, detergents, pesticides, surfactants and pigments.

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