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New Blenders for Small-scale Production

Britisg Rema SHAPA FEB Image

British Rema has introduced two new Interchangeable Blenders designed to improve efficiencies for R&D and small-scale Pharmaceutical and Food production.

The blenders feature a single base onto which a range of different body types and sizes can be quickly and easily interchanged.   This means that correct body sizes can be selected to maintain optimal blend fill ratios if a variety of batch sizes need to be accommodated, or alternatively long clean down times can be avoided if blending different products sequentially. Both blenders come complete with controls and relevant guarding.

The R&D Interchangeable Blender is designed to handle batches of between 5L and 50L and is suitable for companies looking to scale up from R&D to small–scale manufacturing.

The Small-Scale Interchangeable Blender is designed to handle larger batches of between 5L and 100L. RFID blend software can be used for batch control and to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination by tagging each individual cone with an RFID chip to match a recipe. The control software will then not allow the blending to start if the selected cone does not correspond to the required recipe.

Cone options and applications are as follows:

V-Cone – For high-intensity mixing. As the blender rotates product is constantly being divided into the two halves of the V so producing the correct blend.

Double Cone Ideal for mixing granulates where the addition of binders and lubricants is required but minimal granulate degradation is also preferred.

IBC offer high-efficiency blending due to the large number of blend points (corners) in the IBC. They are used widely in granulation and tableting facilities so offer a perfect opportunity to scale up.

Octagonal Also ideal for granulation products with a high number of blend points but offers a slightly more aggressive form of blending than the Double Cone.

For more information on British Rema’s Interchangeable Blenders please email [email protected]

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