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New Chemineer gearbox for lower maintenance when mixing

Mixing specialists Chemineer have introduced a robust new gearbox – designed specifically for agitator duties – that provides lower maintenance costs and greater productivity.

The enhanced longer bearing and gear life of the Model 20 HT/GT Gearbox benefits from an oversized output shaft that reduces gear deflection and noise.  It also has a true dry well seal to eliminate the risk of lubricant leaking down the shaft.

Available in right angle (HT) or parallel shaft (GT) configurations, Chemineer’s Model 20 gearbox also has a recessed low-speed coupling half that greatly simplifies installation by removing the need to install the extension shaft up through the gearbox.

With its tapered bearings the Model 20 ensures cool operation and has a high capacity to handle bending and thrust loads while providing long life.

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