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New Highly Efficient Solids Feeding & Mixing Technology For Any AD Plant

Suitable for almost any AD plant, Borger’s new fully automated Powerfeed DUO provides highly efficient solids feeding and mixing technology with 15 cubic metres of storage capacity.

Capable of handling the widest variety of feedstocks, the Powerfeed DUO benefits from feed rates of up to 9 tonnes per hour and storage allowing up to 11 tonnes of feed – from just one load.  Feedstock is mixed by a large mixing drum and then fed to a circulation line through a dry compression zone reducing oxygen input.

The stainless steel Powerfeed DUO can be loaded constantly by walking floor or periodically loaded with a dumper or a combination of both.

Complete with an easy to operate state of the art control unit, connectivity is via Profibus & Ethernet as master or slave, which allows integration into any system.  Combined with a high-capacity Borger biogas pump, the efficiency of the Powerfeed DUO in breaking down solid particles in turn reduces the amount of agitation required in the digester.

The Powerfeed DUO’s auger shaft conveys the raw material to the press channel, compressing the biomass which is fed into the digester’s liquid flow via an induction unit from the organic plug in the system’s press channel.

An electronic display provides information about the weight of the biomass, allowing the exact dosage to be fed in.  Sensors constantly monitor the fill level in the Powerfeed DUO, which will switch off automatically if pre-set limits are exceeded.

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