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New Internet-Based Educational Tool Helps Processors Learn the Benefits, Features and Pitfalls of Selecting Industrial Mixer Designs

Marion Mixers Inc. is launching an industry-first online industrial mixer tool that will begin the mixer selection process for processors across the globe. Manufacturers in the food, chemical, plastics and mineral industries will now be able to utilize the Marion Mixers Build-A-Mixer (BAM) to quickly identify the correct industrial mixer for their application mixing needs.

The program includes a systematic process for quantifying customer needs and identifying equipment design solutions. The tool is also designed to help users define and document the scope of their equipment needs.  The site is offered as an educational resource for prospective customers to learn the benefits, features and pitfalls of various equipment designs.

An online application, the BAM will take the inputs end-users submit and apply known science and proprietary algorithms to select a specific starting mixer for their application. It’s fast, efficient and will streamline the design, quotation and documentation process for plant engineers and equipment buyers and can be utilized with a known application process or brand new one.

“Industrial mixers are used for any number of various applications from making bread to making concrete,” said Scott Jones Marketing Manager of Marion Mixers. “We focus on custom designed, horizontal mixing equipment. Because of this narrow focus, we have experience with 1,000’s of different applications. After a few key pieces of data are entered, the application software will select an ideal mixer for their needs. It gives our customers a huge head start in the sales process.”

“Marion Mixers has over 70 years of experience and it was that experience that we tried to build into the application,” said Richard Moffitt of development firm StratosFour. “One of our greatest challenges was taking the knowledge and experience of this incredible custom engineering team in Marion and trying to normalize it into a specific format useable by their customers on the Internet.”

The application is a starting point for current and future customers of Marion Mixers. The end-users are able to log into the application any time of day, from anywhere in the world. They are guided through a series of questions and inputs which identify their manufacturing process and specific needs. The Marion Mixers engineering team as well as the end user is provided with an initial specifications sheet for each mixer application.

“We follow a proven “6-step” development process for each customer” said Doug Grunder, President of Marion Mixers. “Using our exclusive online “Build a Mixer” program consisting of product and process design software enables us to quickly identify customer needs.”

For additional information on the Build-A-Mixer (BAM) application contact Scott Jones or visit www.marionmixers.com or give it a try at www.marionmixers.com/bam.

About Marion Mixers

Since 1938 Marion Mixers has been the “brand of choice” for horizontal mixing and blending, batch and continuous process equipment. Recognized globally as the innovation leader in custom designed mixing equipment, Marion Mixers is the only mixer manufacturer that offers a unique Performance Guarantee.
In process industries such as of food, chemical, plastic, mineral, energy, recycling, waste management and more Marion Mixers is unsurpassed in quality, customer-support and machine durability.


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