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New leading edge impeller is non-ragging

The Chemineer RL-3 impeller

Chemineer have launched a new smooth profile, dynamically curved non-ragging impeller for sewage treatment plants that minimises the possibility of rag build-up and significantly extends the lifetime of an agitator

The sweeping leading edge of the Chemineer RL-3 has been custom-designed with a special swept-back connection to the central hub.  Downtime to remove debris is greatly reduced because rags and fibres slide off this new impeller.

Typical industry impeller designs have long been based on an acceptability that impellers had a strong tendency to rag, with mixer design calculations, loadings and power increased accordingly to counteract the problem. However, the new RL-3 impeller (for which Chemineer can offer retrofit), solves the ragging problem at source.

For more information contact Chemineer Ltd, Derby on Tel: +44 1332 363175

or  E-mail: [email protected] Web: www.chemineer.com


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