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New Powder Filling Line Offers Reduced Costs and Absolute Product Integrity

GEA Avapac has launched the latest version of its revolutionary Limited Intervention powder filling line, the RBF-500 Li. The new machine features lights-out operation, GEA reliability, absolute product integrity, and a footprint that is at least 30% less than previous GEA technologies.

The new RBF-500 Li uses the same technology as its larger sibling, the RBF-1000Li launched last year. This brings together the separate elements of the filling line – bag presenter, filler, bag preparation, de-aeration station, sealing and closing – into a single machine giving it a much smaller overall footprint compared with conventional technology with separate manufacturing units. The smaller footprint means that packing rooms can be smaller, air conditioning units less powerful and running costs significantly lower.

The RBF-500 Li is suitable for applications requiring throughputs of up to 5.0tph and, as it has just two filling heads (compared with five on bigger machines), it is ideal for applications that require frequent product changeovers.

The design offers complete control of the bags throughout the process and includes a de-aeration station for improved bag stability and automated neck stretching, heat sealing and weight checking. The weight data from the feedback weigher is used to auto-tune the filling process and maintain the accuracy of the machine. The design also allows for the filling of gusseted bags as well as the standard pillow style bags.

As with other models in the RBF range the 500 Li is highly automated and offers what is often referred to as ‘lights out packaging’: the aim being to reduce human intervention, and therefore the risk of contamination, and human error, to an absolute minimum.

Other features of the RBF-500 Li include:

  •     a rotary design that maintains its hold on bags to increase reliability;
  •     the continuous calibration of filling stations;
  •     integrated dust control technologies;
  •     bottom up filling, minimising product damage and dust emission loss;
  •     automatic preparation of bags for sealing;
  •     automatic sealing of inner liners and final closure of all bags;
  •     automatic height adjustment to accommodate variations in bag length;
  •     easy cleaning.

GEA Avapac believes the RBF-500’s smaller footprint and quick changeover will make it especially suitable for developing markets where a number of different products are produced in the same facility. Also, minimising human intervention increases product safety and reduces the number of operatives required to run the equipment. Two of the new machines are currently being manufactured for in a milk powder processing plant in the Philippines.

“The RBF-500 Li filler has been developed to meet the needs of customers where a smaller footprint, with high performance and easy changeover is a primary factor,” said Ivan Marovic, Sales Manager for GEA Avapac in New Zealand. “Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), a key factor in the purchasing decision for many customers, is very high.”

GEA Avapac designs, manufactures and sells high quality powder filling systems for bulk bag and retail containers. Its solutions are ideally suited for food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications.

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