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Next Generation Pastillation- Market launch of Rotoform 4G model

Drawing on its long-standing experience and extensive knowhow in the pastillation of various melts, Sandvik Process Systems has now refined its Rotoform® technology. With the Rotoform® 4G, which will make its debut at the ACHEMA in Frankfurt, Sandvik is launching a completely new model on the market.

The latest 4G model comes with pneumatic functions that dispense with manual setting, making the system faster and easier to operate. A newly designed safety hood provides easier access to the machine for maintenance, while at the same time improving safety thanks to the comprehensive cover it provides. Further design modifications enable faster and easier product changes. This not only results in improved pastille quality, it also substantially increases the capacity and yield of the system.

Rotoform® technology is one of the best-known and most effective processes for granulating liquid products. Consisting of a Rotoform® and a steel belt cooler, this equipment from Sandvik Process Systems meets the most diverse product requirements and can be adapted to various product characteristics.

More than 1,500 Rotoform® systems have now been installed worldwide and are used by a wide range of companies from the oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors. Experts from Sandvik Process Systems will showcase the capabilities and applications of the new Rotoform® process to industry professionals at the ACHEMA. The wide variety of applications includes fatty alcohols as ingredients for crèmes, medicines and shampoos, waxes and resins e.g. for paints, through to chocolate chips and chunks.

The Rotoform® technology features an ingenious combination of Rotoform® and a steel belt cooler, which facilitates the environmentally compatible production of highly uniform and dimensionally stable pastilles. Melts with vastly different characteristics are solidified into pastilles; viscosities of 1 to 50,000 millipascal seconds are possible, as are temperatures of up to 320 degrees Celsius. Their extensive experience enables the Sandvik experts to tailor the systems and process technology precisely to the application in hand. Thanks to the high quality of the resulting pastilles, the complex feedstock products can subsequently be stored, transported and processed more easily.

This industrial process technology can be used to help minimise energy costs and environmental impact. In addition, the Sandvik Process Systems service department installs the complete systems on site and maintains the machines.

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