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Pallet Handling Made Easy – CSN840 SingleHead

Transport & Logistics businesses

Space optimisation is part of main¬taining efficient operations for Transport & Logistics businesses. Many companies, however, still face the challenges of manual pallet measuring – a tedious and error prone process. To help with load planning and avoid delays, METTLER TOLEDO introduces a cost effective dimensioner designed for rapid pallet measure-ments.

A Smart Solution for Smart Business

When it comes to maximising space usage every millimetre should be looked at as a money saving opportunity. Any divergence from a regular shaped pallet can be miscalculated when manually measured. The result is that the pallet is not invoiced properly for the space it occupies. Losing out on chargeable space due to inaccurate load planning is a common problem and companies are not get¬ting paid properly for the services they provide.

With the idea of keeping processes lean, METTLER TOLEDO has looked into solving this problem by taking into consideration the revenue recovery potential missed by companies still operating on manual dimensioning.

Handing Regular Needs

Offered as a stand-alone dimensioner for basic mea¬surements or as a complete data capture solution for collection of weight, dimensions and ID, the CSN840 SingleHead™ is the newest product in the dimensioning portfolio.

Ideal for those new to automatic pallet dimensioning, the CSN840 SingleHead™ is designed for customers with lower accuracy requirements on irregulars in goods terminals, pallet drop-off centres, shipping docks and warehouses. It is a complementary unit to the CSN840 Pallet™, which is used in applications with high accuracy requirements on all shapes.

As a stand-alone unit, it can easily and effectively measure the height of any regular shaped object, as well as dark or glossy wrapping, with a dimensioning accuracy of 20 millimetres.

As a full data capture solution, it includes the dimensioner, scale, barcode reader and software components such as OCTO™ data capture software for merging data.

Keeping Customers in Full Control

The system’s modular design makes it easy to install in any location without interfering with traffic on the floor.
Ceiling, floor or wall-mounting options enable the user to find a suitable location that optimises pallet through¬put. Furthermore, it can be combined with any floor or forklift scale.

The full data capture solution provides users with full data visibility. Data is effectively captured, stored and easily accessed on the user-friendly work station. Once the barcode is scanned, the data is instantly displayed on the monitor and a traffic light shows the status of the measuring process. The operator has full control at all times of current and historical data. This is particularly useful in handling customer claims and proof of accurate invoicing.

About Cargoscan™ Dimensioning Solutions

METTLER TOLEDO Cargoscan™ Dimensioning solutions are used by international transport companies, small carri¬ers, warehouses and distribution centres around the world. Our systems are designed for high performance, ease of use and accuracy. Our cutting-edge, laser range finder technology ensures the highest accuracy in the industry – a couple of millimetres difference in accuracy makes a huge impact on revenue.


For further information about METTLER TOLEDO products and services, please contact Helen Hemmings on 0116 234 5069 or email via email [email protected].

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