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Reel lifter Attachment: Vertical Spindle for Overhead Systems


This new version of the Vertical Spindle from Packline, allows operators to simply lift and lower reels of material safely and efficiently. Either using an existing overhead system or, if you are installing a new overhead system, this new attachment will solve your lifting and handling needs.

The Spindle simply attaches to a winch hook and hangs vertically until needed.
The hang wheel is turned to expand or contract the fingers which securely grip the core of a Reel. The Spindle has an internal torque unit which has a slip mechanism. This ensures that the correct grip is achieved to ensure a consistently safe lift.

The Spindle is suitable for either 6” or 3” cores as standard, however other sizes can be catered for if required.

Please do not hesitate to contact Packline for further information regarding this design www.packline.co.uk.

Technical Specification:

Maximum Capacity = 200kg
Core Sizes = 6” or 3” as standard
Attachment Mass = 15kg or 12kg

For further information please contact;

Packline Materials Handling
Unit 5
11-15 Francis Avenue,
BH11 8NX

+44 01202 332017 (Main Line)

E-mail : [email protected]

Packline Ltd

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