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Single-use Mixing System For Difficult-to-mix Buffers, Culture Media Powders & Pharmaceutical Ingredients

MilliporeSigma”s Mobius® Power MIX single-use mixing systems are engineered with advanced technology to effectively handle difficult-to-mix buffers, culture media powders and other pharmaceutical ingredients. Mobius® Power MIX systems achieve a strong vortex using an impeller design and motor based on magnetically-coupled NovAseptic® technology-a proven mixing technology in stainless steel tanks. Sterile zero deadleg sampling can be performed directly from the mixing container. A probe port allows for insertion of either a reusable probe for non-aseptic processes or a pre-sterilised, single-use sensor for in-process pH measurement of aseptic processes.

The 100, 200 and 500 litre models are available in both jacketed stainless steel and high-density polyethylene HDPE, providing the flexibility needed for both buffers and media mixing. Innovative design features make the mixing system easy to use, enabling loading of bags by a single person and offering an optional integrated hoist for powder delivery (2000 L only).

Key benefits of Mobius® Power MIX single-use mixing systems include:
Strong vortex effectively mixes buffers and culture media powders that tend to sink or float, as well as other difficult-to-mix biopharm ingredients.

Single and double doors open up to one-half the mixer diameter and an off-set drain allow for easy bag loading.

Accessible, sterile, zero deadleg sampling allows direct sampling from the mixing container.

Reusable standard probe or a pre-sterilised single-use sensor for in-process pH measurement.

The Mobius® Power MIX family of single-use mixing systems builds on MilliporeSigma”s industry-leading portfolio of Mobius® single-use solutions for upstream and downstream processing.

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