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The Handyman Vacuum Lifter from Packline

Vacuum Lifting

Packline”s Vacuum Lifting Equipment can be used in a number of different industries and environments, solving Lifting and Handling Health and Safety issues.

A wide range of suction heads are available to suit a wide range of applications.

An electrically driven vacuum pump provides both lifting and suction functions.
The Vacuum Lifting heads have a “fingertip” control bar so the operator uses minimum effort to move heavy loads. In the event of a power failure the load is gently lowered to the ground before the suction head will release. Stainless Steel Vacuum Lifting machines can be specified for use in the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Bespoke units can also be developed to suit the needs of all our customers.
The Handyman Vacuum Lifter from Packline Ltd, enables users to repeatedly lift and accurately place a wide variety of loads including plastics, metals, and sheets of material.
The Handyman Super and Combat are designed to be suspended from existing Overhead Crane Systems, Chain Hoists or similar.

Handyman Vacuum Lifters – Specifications:

•    Battery powered vacuum pump, 12v
•    Vacuum tank
•    Pressure sensor for automatic start / stop
•    Vacuum meter
•    Acoustic alarm for low vacuum
•    Battery charger
•    Lifting capacity: 160kg to 500kg

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