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The new Wine Vat or Barrel Lifter from Packline

Packline’s new Wine Barrel

A unique solution within the wine and spirits industry to assist in the lifting and positioning of large wine or spirit vats or barrels.

Designed and manufactured by Packline, this solution is specifically designed to solve a problem within these industries.

Packline’s new Wine Barrel / Wine Vat Compac Heavy Duty Counterbalance Lifter comes with interchangeable Attachments to allow quick and easy picking and placing of all types of barrels. The lifter will improve production and allow one person to move and position the barrels which will improve productivity and help prevent wastage and damage to the barrels. Also the lifter will help prevent injury and accidents within the production and storage areas.

This Lifter increases Packline’s product range providing further solutions for Lifting and Handling issues. Packline have a great deal of experience in the design of bespoke attachments to suit the needs of their clients.  With this in mind the attachment required for lifting barrels of wine will be designed uniquely for this application.  Other attachments will also be available for lifting other accessories used within the wine making process.  These attachments are heavy duty versions of our Platform and Fork Attachments.

This lifter is unique and ideal for the wine and spirits industries due to its specifications and properties including:… size.…capacity of lifting….workability….versatility.…ease of use.

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