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Tiller Electric Hand Truck from Packline

‘Tiller’ Electric Hand Truck

Packline’s latest addition to its range of Lifting and Handling Equipment is the ‘Tiller’ Electric Hand Truck
Frequently lifting weights up to 23 kilograms also leads to back complaints, accidents, sick leave and work loss. The Tiller® offers the solution to these problems.

Versatile lifting tool

The Tiller® lifts a maximum of 75 kilograms to a height of 1.10 meters and can be used in many situations, in small spaces and is easy to take along in a van.

Heightened productivity

Forty percent of all employees run risks by lifting. The Tiller® improves safety on the work floor, decreases work loss and provides for happier employees who are still physically fit at an advanced age. As such, the Tiller® heightens productivity. A company working with the Tiller® satisfies the Health & Safety regulations for physical stress.

Easy to Use
•    Move the load to the location, as with an ordinary hand truck
•    At the location, press the “lift up” button until the Tiller® is at the correct height
•    With the load at the correct height, press “drive forward” for a powered move forward
•    With the load above the surface, press “lift down” to lower the load. Then pull back from underneath the load.

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