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Ultra-Mixing for Water Treatment in Compact Space

Ultra tab

Designed for turbulent flow applications where a high degree of mixing is required in a compact space, the KenicsTM UltraTabTM static mixer is now available in fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), as well as steel and a variety of other alloys.

The UltraTab is particularly suitable for water treatment and desalination plants where there are space restrictions as well as pressure drop and pipe run limitations.

Utilised for numerous applications, including Chemical Injection, pH Adjustment, Coagulation and Acid Dilution, the UltraTab – available in sizes ranging from 50mm to 1500mm+ (2″ to 60″+) – also provides superior mixing efficiency in turbulent flow.
The integral wall injector, upstream of the mixing element, forces the additive through the high energy dissipation
region, providing simple and effective means for additive injection when compared to centreline injectors, which can impede the main flow, increase pressure drop, and increase fouling.
Independently evaluated by the British Hydraulic Research Group (BHR), the UltraTab was found to produce the lowest pressure drop per degree of mixing from all models tested.
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