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Vertical Dryer With New Alternative Technology For Drying Of Powders In Process Industries

This new solution from De Dietrich Process System adds an important benefit for drying of powders in process industries, cosmetics and food.

Recently, the Guedu® vertical dryers have been installed by several clients, providing decisive quality and productivity improvements. Short cycle times, reduced handling

The vertical dryer is unlike hot air dryers and tray dryers. The powder is stirred under vacuum, that allows an improvement of the drying time by a factor 2 to 10 compared to tray dryers, and a total cycle time reduction by a similar ratio (by reducing the necessary handling). In fact, the vacuum drying technology allows savings due to the total cycle time reduction (a single pan dryer can replace several tray dryers) and also savings from the improved heat transfer during drying (reducing utilities costs).

Pristine quality

The mechanical mixing during drying improves product homogeneity. Therefore, at the end of the cycle, the product comes out perfect evenly dried, with residual moistures below 0.1% where required.

A ready-made Solution

De Dietrich Process Systems is able to supply its customer not only with the appropriate drying technology, but also to design and supply the peripheral equipment, support structure as well as the automation and control systems.

To assist in the choice amongst its various drying equipment, De Dietrich offers to perform trials in its test hall in Semur, France.

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