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VFF FilterPro filter protects VFF meters from contamination

vff filterpro

Litre Meter introduces the VFF FilterPro Filter that maximizes the efficiency of its flow meters by eliminating contaminants that cause reduced flow, damage to internal construction as well as a blockage. As 96% of flow meter failures are associated with contamination issues, the FilterPro protects flow measurement instrumentation, assuring optimal flow in liquid injection, batch processing, and lubrication systems. Sign up for FlowSight, the Litre Meter newsletter.

Featuring a four-layer wire woven mesh filtration design, the FilterPro uses a proven surface filtration principle that filters elements from 10 to 100 microns (depending upon unit option) by trapping particulates between its layers. Available in three key filter sizes, the FilterPro pairs perfectly with the company’s positive displacement, rotary piston, and turbine flow meters with connection sizes from ¼” up to 9/16” in multiple thread types. Offered in 316 stainless steel or exotic materials, the FilterPro is available in the same materials as VFF flow measurement instrumentation to avoid compatibility and performance variances.

Units are suitable for use in low and high viscosity liquids at pressures up to 20,000 psi (1,380 bar) and can withstand a pressure drop of 870 psi (60 bar) with a burst pressure drop of 2,175 psi (150 bar). Simple to install, the FilterPro is easily cleaned by unscrewing 8 bolts and replacing the filter insert. The company is currently developing larger filters to accommodate larger meters while incorporating a filter maintenance indicator and greater resistance to burst pressure. Sign up for FlowSight, the Litre Meter newsletter.

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