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Continuously operating in-line Greerco mixers from Chemineer are successfully handling a delicate dilution application in the manufacture of washing-up liquid by a company in Western Germany.

Equipped with a variable speed drive that adjusts to actual production capacity, the in-line Greerco mixers first carry out the dilution (with deionised water) of FAES (fatty acid ester sulphonate) with 70 % active matter, which is taken directly from the storage tank.

As soon as contact is made with the water, a gel phase (70 –> 30 %) is formed, requiring the Greerco mixers to dilute the base product down to a required concentration of less than 30 %. At the same time, other surfactants and products needed for the basic formulation are added and mixed into the diluted material.

The Greerco mixers then process the base materials, which requires a temperature-sensitive perfume to be added, together with components such as a matting agent, pigment and preservatives. A Kenics Static Mixer from Chemineer can also be used for this process.

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