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World’s Largest Horizontal Drum Mixer

Lindor has been designing and building mixers with a mixing volume of 25,000 litres for more than 10 years. That is almost the capacity of a bulk truck, which makes it the biggest horizontal drum mixer in the world! We would therefore like to bring this exceptional mixer to your attention.

Even this giant with a weight of 22,500 kg handles product gently. The big stainless steel drum with a diameter of 3.6 metres is suitable for a batch weight of some 15,000 kilograms, rotates at a maximum of 4 rpm. The 6 fixed blades are fitted to the mixing drum such that the product is intensively mixed but with respect. In spite of the large volume of 25,000 litres the mixer is also suitable for batches from 2500 litres which make it very flexible in use.

The flow pattern of the product during mixing is like that of a double helix, in which each individual particle follows its own path. Because there are no dead points present in the mixer and every particle is constantly moving, separation is reduced to a minimum. Most products are completely homogenously mixed within 4-7 minutes, after which the drum fully empties itself.

The big advantage of this mixing technology is that no mechanical forces are exerted on the product, so virtually no breaking and heating up occurs and the products retain their initial characteristics. So even these extremely big mixers are ideal for fragile granules, powders and natural products, such as those often present in the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

In spite of the enormous volume of these mixers, they need a very limited amount of energy, approx. 29 kW for a batch of 15,000 kg. Also the cleaning and maintenance of the mixer is considerably shortened and made easier due to the absence of moving parts in the mixing drum.

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