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QR Codes Generate Specific Balance-displays For User Peace Of Mind

When a balance goes down, users need it back up in a hurry

Now, instead of hunting for service information, new-model METTLER TOLEDO balances make contact via a scannable QR code to provide peace of mind and potentially reduce the financial impact of downtime.

One of the most important customer support requirements for any product is fast service response to technical issues. But finding who to contact and describing what is happening can be time-consuming. Additionally, it does not always help the service provider understand the problem.

This is why METTLER TOLEDO new-model MS-TS, ML-T and ME-T balances have been designed to generate a specific balance-display QR code when there is a service issue. This QR code, scannable via smartphone, will auto-generate an email to a local METTLER TOLEDO service office so users receive the fastest support possible.

In addition to establishing quick contact, the code will identify the instrument and error code so the service technician has a sense of what needs to happen to get the balance weighing again. Users have the option to add text to describe the specific experience before the email is sent.

By providing this basic information to the service technician right away, troubleshooting can be made more efficient. It can even eliminate the need for an on-site visit, potentially saving the cost of one or more unscheduled service calls.

Future products from METTLER TOLEDO LabTec, including the reliable moisture analysers and sensors, will contain similar service features to further enhance the user experience.

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