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Reduce, reuse, recycle in the process industries

It doesn’t take great effort to notice the environmental impact we have made upon our planet; whether it’s looking out to the street littered with cars or glancing at a landfill overflowing with plastic (plastic that will remain there for another thousand years), there is irrefutable evidence that we are damaging our planet.

So why overlook preventable pollution? This week is the official recycle week, reminding all of us that sustainability, particularly in business, is not only a general aim for the distant future, but an attainable goal in the coming years. Things are starting to roll in the right direction, for example paper recycling by 2010 has increased over 89% since back in 1990, yet we are offered sobering reminders whenever we switch on the news or take a look at some environmental statistics.

Those who predicted a global ecological crisis were certainly not wrong. We still have the chance however not just to slow this environmental damage down, but to prevent it from getting worse. In this week especially, think of the environment.

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