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New Reference Paper Helps Reduce Error Risk & Ensure Secure Data Transcription

Correct data transmission is essential in all situations, not the least of which is during analyses in the lab. A new reference paper from METTLER TOLEDO explores how to cost-effectively reap the benefits of one of the easiest ways to assure accurate transcription and transfer: going digital.

Accurate weighing and correct data transfer and storage are vital steps in a laboratory’s weighing procedures. Yet when operators perform repetitive tasks and write results by hand, numbers are sometimes transposed and samples mixed up. This can cause aggravation, heightened costs and rework.

Ensuring a balance can effortlessly print, store or transfer results is key to ensuring ongoing data accuracy. Many labs feel this kind of technology is out of reach, but great accuracy and time-saving can be made by adding a simple printer.

METTLER TOLEDO’s new white paper, “Management of Weighing Results”, presents the pros and cons of three digital data-management strategies that can be refined to meet the needs of a lab:

  • Output to printer. Physical output and storage helps prevent transcription errors.
  • Transfer to computer. This standalone solution offers easier storage, transfer and analysis.
  • Centralised maintenance. This robust option allows real-time analysis and integration with other lab systems.

This tiered approach will help determine which level of digital data-capture is right for any lab and budget.

“Management of Weighing Results”—part of the lab-equipment leader’s year-long e-Calendar—is available free of charge.

Future e-Calendar instalments will continue to highlight lab-performance ideas to help optimise processes and improve accuracy.

Mettler-Toledo Ltd

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