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Robust Inspection System Ensures Superior Quality Control For Fruit & Vegetable Producer

reliable x-ray inspection

Recall. The word food manufacturers fear.

Beyond the cost, recall can affect your immediate production and worse, your reputation.

Reputable, reliable x-ray inspection has increased in demand dramatically over the past 10 years as companies seek to ensure product quality and reduce wastage.

Dutch fruit and vegetable producer Heemskerk, process 2.5 million packaged products a week from a range of 275 unique products. It is vital for them to stand true to their motto ‘We guarantee quality in our entire chain’.

For their ‘high care’ department Heemskerk were seeking the most robust inspection system on the market. Sapphire Inspection Systems (represented in Benelux by Ultrapak) provided the solution that offered Heemskerk the assurance they were looking for.

“Heemskerk opted for Sapphire’s x-ray systems because they are unrivalled in the industry in terms of sensitivity, speed and advanced detection,” explains Ultrapak’s Heidi Dos Santos.

The system in question excels in user-friendliness and the ability to detect glass, metal and plastic contamination in trays, tins and glass as well as verifying product integrity such as completeness and breakage.

Cambridge based Sapphire Inspection Systems have pioneered the x-ray inspection market and continue to innovate this sector with radical solutions to provide singular contaminant, mass check and seal inspection systems.

Their long-standing relationship with the University of Cambridge allows Sapphire to harvest the top of the talent pool and utilise the fantastic resources that this world-class institution offers. This superior academic advantage has been one of the driving forces behind Sapphire’s ability to advance the x-ray inspection sector ahead of its competitors.

For their partnership with Ultrapak and this recent success for Heemskerk, Heidi Dos Santos adds:

“Sapphire has more than 30 years of experience and the robust systems provide real-time analysis and monitoring of product and packaging properties. As a result, Heemskerk can continue to guarantee the quality throughout their chain.”

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