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Sales Support See’s Immediate Impact on Flagship Label Applicator

HERMA US Inc., the newly-formed subsidiary of HERMA GmbH – a Germany-based provider of labelling machinery and self-adhesive labels and materials to the global packaging marketplace – has significantly enhanced the level of Herma’s sales support, resulting in record sales for the company’s flagship H400 Label Applicator. In August, 41 H400 machines were sold, besting the previous record of 35.

The HERMA 400 Label Applicator is Herma’s signature machine, around which all of the company’s labelling solutions are based. With over 15,000 produced to date, the HERMA 400 features a high speed servo drive capable of achieving speeds over 500 feet/minute. Its main advantage is that, whatever the configuration, the basic servo drive unit remains the same — one unit, one development, one spare part. Thanks to the wide range of modules available, the HERMA 400 can be integrated into any production line or be built into a labelling machine specifically developed to suit individual requirements.

The H400 has been sold in the United States through distributors for more than a decade, but with the opening of the new U.S. subsidiary this summer, sales results are advancing rapidly. The new benchmark shows the immediate impact the company’s U.S. headquarters is and will continue to have on North American equipment sales for the German-based company.

“Setting a new U.S. sales record in our first full month as a formal subsidiary showcases that the landscape is highly promising for HERMA’s precision labelling machinery in the North American marketplace,” said Peter Goff, CEO of HERMA US Inc.  “It’s very encouraging to see strong momentum right from the start, and we will continue to leverage our new U.S. headquarters and dedicated personal to create a growing number of sales opportunities.”

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