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Pump Optimisation – Here’s How You Save Energy In Your Process

Pump optimisation

Here’s a surprising fact: pumps account for some 10% of global energy consumption – and as much as 50% of consumption in some processes

However, here is some good news – nearly everyone can make substantial savings by optimising pump selection. Pump optimisation is highly relevant in today’s competitive business climate and with the right pumps, you can reduce total cost of ownership, raise system performance and enhance your plant’s environmental profile.

The payback time for required modifications? –
Often less than a year. It is time for action!

Saving pump energy, how?

The principles of efficient pump operation apply to both new and existing systems. Because systems change over time and even minor changes impact efficiency, it is important to evaluate and modify systems continuously.

By auditing existing systems, it is possible to adjust pump operation and restore efficiency.

• Change your pump so it operates at the Best efficiency point (BEP)
• Add a variable frequency drive, which will reduce energy costs
• Change the diameter of the pump impeller
• Change of pipe layout

Optimise to economise
So how do you save the energy used on pumping in your process? – choose the right pump
and optimise it! For that you need knowledge and support and Industrial Trading Solutions can offer that. We are industry experts at guiding you to choose the right pump for your dairy applications.

For more information visit www.industrialtradingsolutions.com or call us on 01675 465 191

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