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SAVE up to 50% of Energy COSTS

Energy Check or Pump Audit

10% of global electricity is consumed by pumps – did you know that?  Not only that, but as most are needlessly inefficient, they offer huge potential for a wide range of organisations to save up to 50% pump energy costs.

Grundfos Pumps have been at the forefront of energy optimised pump development for years, they take real pride in their achievements and their approach to sustainability.  Today this leading edge approach has taken yet another step forward with the introduction of a specialist Energy Pack that combines a plethora of useful information that can help you to save money.

Finding out what energy savings you could make is now even easier as Grundfos can provide a range of diagnostic tools such as an Energy Check or Pump Audit that will establish the current pump system performance.  Not only that, but these tools also provide various post-analysis reports that include details regarding the potential savings and payback periods as well as various pump options you could opt for.

So if your priority is cost reduction, CO2 savings, ROI, water usage reduction or simply receiving advice on your current installations, Grundfos have the tools, expertise and integrity to help you to achieve your ambitions.

Find out more by visiting www.grundfos.co.uk and see how you can use your energy more wisely.

For more information or a Literature request contact Grundfos Ltd, Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.Tel: 01525 850000  E-mail: [email protected]

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