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Screw Conveyors All Shapes & Sizes For XXL Projects

Screw conveyors are manufactured in all types and in all sizes, but did you know that there is also a big difference in the number of screws for each job?

An XXL project may consist of 20 to 40 screw conveyors that we fully align with each other and customise according to the client's process. In addition to transporting bulk goods horizontally, at an angle and vertically upwards, these screws can also contribute to the actual process by weighing, dosing, sieving, compressing, buffering, mixing, heating or cooling products during transport.

As a replacement for an existing system

If, in practice, transport conveyors, tray elevators or vacuum transport systems do not meet the requirements due to contamination between products or high maintenance frequencies, manufacturers are increasingly choosing to replace them with screw conveyors. Because open or closed screw conveyor systems are easy to maintain.

New plant

We are at our best when we are asked to contribute to the configuration of a new plant. Everything is possible: horizontal and vertical transport or at an angle where space saving is a requirement. There is the option of fitting controls to the system, and we can supply these in cooperation with our partners.

However, even when optimising an existing plant, we endeavour to create perfect results. More often than not, our screw conveyors proved to be the ultimate solution to transport a product from A to B in challenging conditions, such as limited space or high temperatures.

The connecting link

Screw conveyor systems are the ideal connecting link between process systems. In addition, we regularly solve transport issues. If desired, we test the running properties of the product to be transported beforehand, or we offer the client the opportunity to carry out their tests at our test centre.

Extensive documentation and CE marking

All our machines have CE marking, clear manuals, installation instructions, drawings and additional documentation, both digital and printed, available immediately upon delivery. Complete with spare part lists, exploded views, maintenance and cleaning instructions and, where applicable, materials certificates, ATEX declarations of conformity.

Online client portal

You can track the status of your order via our online customer portal. Even after delivery, you can continue to consult the information directly from our ERP system. Extremely useful if you need a spare part list. It is even possible to order the necessary parts direct via our customer portal.

Installation and maintenance

All our industrial projects include maintenance and service. We will survey the machines ourselves and our engineers will leave only after the system is running to your satisfaction. You can choose to have maintenance on demand or have it included in a maintenance contract.

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