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New Service Contracts for Temperature Measurement & Combustion & Environmental Monitoring Equipment

AMETEK Land, the global specialists in non-contact temperature measurement and combustion and emissions monitoring equipment, has introduced new Spectrum Service Contracts as part of its commitment to assist customers in obtaining the best operating performance from its systems

Spectrum Service Contracts are available for both non-contact temperature measurement and combustion and environmental monitoring equipment. The contracts are specifically designed to ensure that the instruments are professionally maintained and calibrated to function at peak factory performance levels throughout their lifetimes. Since AMETEK Land instruments frequently operate in harsh industrial environments, the contracts provide assurance of greater reliability and repeatability every time a measurement is taken.

“Unscheduled downtime or data quality issues can severely impact a plant’s ability to operate safely, efficiently and in line with environmental regulations. Having a dedicated Spectrum Service Contract provides operators with the peace of mind that any downtime is kept to a minimum and that instrument performance is optimised,” notes Klaus Niedecker, Technical Service Manager for AMETEK Land.

AMETEK Land Spectrum Service Contracts provide customers with annual preventative maintenance schedules that include full system and functionality checks, condition reports, calibration and conformity tests, optic alignments, and firmware updates. These maintenance schedules help to ensure that the instrumentation is operating effectively, prolongs the lifespan of that equipment, and protects the value of a company’s assets.

As the equipment designer and manufacturer, AMETEK Land’s understanding of an instrument and its functions is unmatched. In addition, AMETEK Land has a dedicated, highly trained team of service technicians. Each instrument is handled at either a dedicated AMETEK Land Service Centre or on-site at a user’s location, using authentic AMETEK Land parts, further guaranteeing quality, reliability and performance.

All AMETEK Land laboratory facilities are accredited against the ISO / IEC 17025: 2015 standard as approved by national accreditation bodies to evaluate their technical competence, impartiality and performance.

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