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Spare Parts and Servicing for Kek-Gardner – Mixer, Sifter, Milling and Blending machines

Process Components" Mixers, Sifters, Milling and Blending machines

Process Components is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of spare parts for the Kek-Gardner range of Mixers, Sifters, Milling and Blending machines.

Consequently, Process Components can provide everything needed to maintain the correct function for the Kek-Gardner range of machines; from a complete replacement agitator through to gland packing for the shaft seals.

Spare parts supplied by us are all manufactured to original standards and supplied with a full warranty. In addition to our ability to produce spare parts, Process Components Ltd has expert process knowledge of the machines and the manufacturing techniques required to meet the demanding process requirements often met by these machines.

Our experienced Service Engineers can assist in providing preventative maintenance, machine inspection and repairs for all Kek and Gardner Mixer, Blender, Sifter or Milling machines.

As we have extensive records of Kek and Gardner machines going back over many years, customers have come to recognise that this high level of traceability ensures that they receive the correct genuine replacement parts, resulting in minimal down time, increased customer confidence and maximum machine reliability and longevity.

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