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SPX Mixers Deliver Reliability and Efficiency to the Oil Industry

Lightnin 70 Series Mixer

Through its Lightnin and Plenty brands, SPX is the ideal partner to serve the oil and petrochemical industries with advanced fluid mixing solutions and technology. Product designs are focused on durability and reliability and the mixers have proven track records in installations around the world in maximizing process performance and reducing operating costs. As a global company with offices in the Middle East, SPX is supported by a network of expert engineering services to ensure customers get the best from their equipment throughout its lifetime.

The SPX brand of Plenty mixers has set the standard in the oil industry with side entry mixers that offer easily maintained, reliable, efficient and economical solutions ideal for applications such as lifting bottom sludge and water (BS&W) in order to maintain a relatively clean tank floor and help prevent build up or blockage around the tank outlet. In the BS&W process, swivel angle mixers are recommended to ensure that the flow is directed to sweep all areas of the tank and Plenty models are available with either manual or Automatic Swivel Actuator operation. A full range of fixed angle mixers are also available for efficient operation in clean applications, such as refined oil handling, where blending, homogenization or heat transfer is required.

Plenty mixers utilize advanced impeller designs, which provide high pumping and thrust characteristics with minimum power draw. The impellers are of a single piece cast construction, which does not cause cavitation and ensures lasting performance. All parts of the mixers including seals, bearings, drives and shafts are designed to offer efficient, reliable service and are particularly designed for use with oils and petrochemicals.

The SPX Lightnin brand is known for its robust, long-lasting mixers, agitators, aerators and flocculators for fluid process systems. They are widely used in oil and gas applications including upstream for drilling fluids/mud mixing duties, oil refining and chemical intermediates and downstream for processing fine chemicals, plastics & polymers and waste treatment. The Lightnin brand includes a variety of top entry and side entry mixers with well-proven mechanical design technology and long and reliable service.

SPX mixers are designed and developed using Laser Doppler Velocimeter (LDV) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for process optimization. In addition, Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is often employed to carry out mechanical, thermal and vibration analysis to ensure total integrity of the complete installation. The depth of technical knowledge gained from more than 85 years of operating experience and an installed base exceeding 1 million units, is supported by these state of the art analytical design tools to ensure that customers achieve the best from the machines and their process results.

SPX continues to research and develop the area of mixing technology in order to meet all of the present and future needs of modern oil and petrochemical mixing. Supported by expert personnel who have in-depth understanding of both the technology and the applications into which it is applied, SPX’s mixing laboratories enable customers to optimize their processes from pilot testing to guaranteed full scale performance. Working in partnership with its customers, SPX will also evaluate an existing mixer design, tank internals, feed stream locations and process goals to determine the opportunities for improvement. The wide range of standard mixers offered by SPX meets the majority of application requirements and is complemented by expert custom engineering services for those with more diverse needs.  Innovative proven technology with advanced process application expertise and state of the art analytical design tools make SPX a leading and trusted provider of mixing technology for the oil and petrochemical industries.

SPX Flow Technology Danmark A/S

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