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Sterile Filter Helps Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company Process Batches Faster

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Amazon Filters reports on how its SupaPore VPBA sterile filter cartridge is enabling a veterinary pharmaceutical manufacturer to process its batches faster while still maintaining the quality of the final products.

A liquid vitamin solution, manufactured for animal consumption, required a final filtration process to ensure complete sterility of the final product. As the manufacturing of this product was by batch process, achieving fast processing time was paramount to profitability.

Whilst the customer was achieving the required results with the current filters in place, they didn’t have the capacity to process the full batch in a single run resulting in downtime and loss of production. However changing the final critical filter in this process to improve productivity/profitability, was of considerable concern to the customer.

Amazon Filters ran trials with the customer using their SupaPore VPBA filter cartridge. Consisting of a PES (polyethersulphone) membrane and an integral pre-filter layer, the SupaPore VPBA quickly demonstrated that it could provide the required level of filtration, whilst also offering outstanding service life due to the presence of the pre-filtration layer.

The proposed solution using the SupaPore filter cartridge provided the customer with the required filtration quality, which allayed their fears about switching critical final filters. Beneficially the SupaPore VPBA filter also enabled a higher flow rate to be achieved, allowing the batch to be processed almost 30% faster than their current regime.

Within the Pharmaceutical industry, it is important that products are microbiologically stabilised prior to packaging to prolong shelf life and this is achieved without affecting the nature of the product. Minimising the cost of stabilisation whilst maintaining product quality remains a constant driver. SupaPore VPBA is an advanced PES membrane filter cartridge with an integral pre-filter layer designed to meet these requirements.

This provides enhanced throughputs, especially for processes where long on-stream life is vital. Amazon’s SupaPore VPBA cartridges can be in-situ steam sterilised and offers superior chemical resistance which allows the cartridges to be repeatedly cleaned for a longer service life.

For further information on SupaPore VPBA filters please visit here or contact Amazon Filters on +44-1276-670600 / [email protected].

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