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The Importance of Mixing Cocoa Very Meticulously

For consumers, price is not the most important aspect, it”s the quality of the chocolate. Our gentle touch mixing technology fully complies with this trend. Without any concessions to the quality, texture and flavour, Lindor mixers mix the cocoa powders and, where required, the beans, with batches of other products.

Gravity does most of the work
Fixed vanes in a rotating drum carry the beans around, while gravity does the work of mixing the product. Apart from gravity, no other force is exerted on the product in a Lindor mixer, as is usually the case with other mixers. There is no (frictional) heat, the powder particles and the beans remain intact, are not deformed and oils and fats are not forced out.

This unique method also has an important advantage: very low power consumption of less than 1kW for a batch of 500kg. The design also has its advantages. Because of the shape of the vanes, the mixing time is very short, it empties quickly and completely, and is easy to clean.

Disinfecting with steam
An option that can be added to Lindor mixers, and one that is very interesting for the cocoa processing industry, is the injection of dry steam during the mixing cycle. During the mixing cycle, the cocoa powders and cocoa beans are heated, a process that kills bacteria such as salmonella.

Appropriate treatment for carefully cultivated cocoa
A very important advantage of our technology is the careful way in which our machine processes the cocoa. The same love that the farmer shows his crops when growing the best quality cocoa beans, Lindor applies to mixing the cocoa, with no loss in quality for the consumer.

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