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Stop Static Before It Stops You

eliminate electrostatic

Download a Free Anti-Static White Paper and Receive a Free Anti-Static Kit with Purchase of an XPE Balance

Did you know that the accumulation of electrostatic charges can skew your weighing results? Download 13 ways to eliminate electrostatic forces and learn easy changes you can make to stop static. You can also eliminate static permanently with our Anti-Static Kit, free with purchase of any XPE balance between October 1st and December 31st 2017.

If you work in a lab, you have likely encountered this disappointing scenario: When weighing a dose of powder into a polymer vessel, your balance will not stabilise. The most likely culprit is electrostatic charges, also known as static.

Fortunately, static can be stopped by a range of simple low-to-no cost solutions before it has a chance to harm your analytical results. In “13 Ways to Eliminate the Electrostatic Forces That Disrupt Weighing,” you will learn:

  • what causes electrostatic charges
  • how these charges affect samples and weighing vessels
  • how you can avoid creating static charges, and
    Solutions that eliminate existing charges.
  • Solutions range from allowing new vessels to “air” for several hours before use so any built-up ions dissipate to simple balance attachments that ensure ions are discharged before a vessel is place on the weighing pan. These solutions eliminate static and ensure the kind of accurate, repeatable results that eliminate rework, waste, and even consumer risk.

In addition to the free white paper, we are pleased to offer a built-in Anti-Static Kit valued at $2,000USD with every XPE Analytical balance purchased between August 1st and December 31st 2017. XPE Analytical balances use static elimination technology coupled with an improved SmartGrid weighing pan to give you trustable, highly repeatable results.

Eliminate the worry of drifting results and poor stabilisation caused by static charges. Download the free white paper or learn more about XPE Analytical balances now.

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